Our team is on a mission to get you to score the best waves and have the time of your life while at it. We’re here for you!

Contact one of our Surf Travel Advisors for discussing ideas and questions about destinations, surf spots, equipment, time to go, who and what to bring or just plain wander lusting together.

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  • Private transfers

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Preparing for you next Surf Trip? Find below some suggestions on what to bring:


  • # and size of surfboards according to destination (we can help discuss that);

  • Board bag: always seek the smallest board bag you can, if traveling with 1 to 3 boards there’s no need for wheels and leaner board bags should be enough, use the shoulder strap around the side of the handle on your luggage cart in the airport and your back will thank you for that. If traveling with 4+ boards, try to get a board bag with wheels, that helps a lot when things get bigger and heavier;

  • 01 sock (light cloth) board cover per board;

  • Remember: if you fill your board bag with random stuff, this can damage your boards and, most importantly, it will make the board bags very heavy for you to carry as well as airport handling staff, who are notoriously not big fans of surfboard bags. Try to keep it as light as possible;

  • Surfboard nose (tip) protection is not the most aesthetic feature but can save lives and trips, consider using it;

  • Wetsuits, booties, reef booties and rash guards according to destination and your level of comfort and experience (we can help discuss that);

  • At least 2 surf shorts for tropical destinations;

  • At least 3 leashes for small to medium surf destinations (1 comp and 2 regular – 5 to 6”) add at least 1 longer and thicker leash (8 – 10”) for waves of consequence;

  • Minimum 2 fin sets per kind of fin system you use (example: if you’re carrying 3 boards, 2 FCS and 1 Futures, carry 2 sets of FCS and 2 sets of Futures, in case you lose or break a fin);

  • 1.5 Wax tablets per board (beware of water temperatures) + Base Coat + Wax Comb;

  • Ding Repair Kit + Duct Tape;

  • 01 Drybag;

  • 01 pair of roof-rack belts;

  • 01 Extra Traction Pad;



In most cases yes and we will always provide you with a list of the best surf shops that we are aware of in each location. Places like Bali, California, Oahu, Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro, France, Portugal, Spain and South Africa offer everything you need and some more, you could essentially travel with no gear and buy everything once you arrive, but always aware of the risks of not finding exactly what you want, yet this is increasingly unlikely on those places. We know many of those surf shops, so we can help with that decision and strategy as well.

More distant or exotic destinations such as the Mentawai, Telos, Caroline and Marshal Islands, or Papua New Guinea and Galapagos are very unlikely to offer you any second chances so better come 100% prepared. 

Other places lie in between. As usual, we’ll help with that.

Another option is renting boards, Awayco - - has an interesting model that’s very affordable. We never used them so can’t recommend it or not, but we’ve noticed the board selection isn’t always extensive, hence limiting your options, so choose wisely, make sure you have what you want in advance and be prepared for a plan b if necessary.



  • Shorts, pants and overcoats at own’s discretion;

  • Swimsuits;

  • Sun protecting gear (hat, cap, etc);

  • Dressing for the Weather: The location and time of year of your trip can bring all kinds of weather, from extreme heat to relentless rain. Check extended forecasts before your trip and pack light but accordingly.

  • Dinner attire, depending on destination;

  • Sweater/jacket for evenings, depending on destination;

  • Long and short-sleeved shirts;

  • Flip-Flops;

  • Comfortable sneakers;

  • Hiking shoes, depending on destination;

  • Dress shoes, depending on destination; 



  • Travel confirmations and tickets for air, rail, etc.*;

  • Passport, including photocopy*;

  • Local currency*;

  • Download the Axus App to keep track of your Shades of Sea Expeditions Itineraries (with meeting and departing information)*;

  • Emergency contacts*;

  • Health insurance information*;

  • Insect repellent;

  • 01 (minimum) Sunscreen Protector;

  • 01 Lip-Balm;

  • Medications (headache/migraine, sunburn, skin rash, fever, diarrhea, painkillers, ointments/sprays for bruises, Band-Aids, etc);

  • Power/plug adapter;

  • Toiletries;



  • Ensure your passport*is valid for 6 months after return date;

  • Call your bank/credit cards*to notify them of upcoming travel;

  • Try to limit your luggage to one medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on (except for surfboards);



  • Cell phone and charger*

  • Photography gear and charger*

  • Prescription Glasses, Lens & Sunglasses*

  • Headphones*

*We recommend keeping these items in your carry-on while traveling



First Time Surfing? Have done it before but not feeling confident yet? Used to surf but haven’t done it in a long time? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our surf guides are as experienced in tackling challenging conditions at their local breaks as they are in teaching or coaching others and “sharing the stoke”.

Girls, boys, men, women and elders, everybody can do it, there’s no feeling like it, the camaraderie and being inside the water surrounded by nature just make it even more special.

If this is your first time or you’re still beginning and not sure yet if it’s time to buy your own gear, relax, we’ll help renting gear locally, so you don’t need to commit with that just yet. Rental equipment is usually substandard so we recommend using it until you feel “this is it” then buy your own toys, it’s a huge part of the fun.