Deep Blue

The Maldives are, simply put, the perfect tropical paradise stereotype: deep blue crystal clear water, tiny round shaped islands made of incredibly white sandy beaches and coconut trees, surrounded by a ring of reef full of colorful and diverse marine life. No wonder this archipelago became the mecca for super luxury hotels and a favorite honeymoon destination in 10 out of 10 brides worldwide. It’s a must do. For surfers, it means perfect reef breaks on pristine surroundings, with perfect waves that offer just enough of a challenge to keep it interesting and fun, while the family is having a blast at the resort. Everybody wins. Period.


Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) - Check Current Exchange Rate Here


MLE - Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (Malé)

International Direct Flights from: Doha (DOH), Dubai (DXB), Abu Dhabi (AUH), Singapore (SIN), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), Hong Kong (HKG), Beijing (PEK), Shanghai (PVG), Colombo (CMB), Bangkok (BKK & DMK), Moscow (SVO), Istanbul (IST), Bengaluru (BLR), Koci (COK), Mumbai (BOM), Thiruvananthapuram (TRV).


APRIL - OCTOBER: Best surf season in the Maldives with light offshore winds and consistent swells.

NOVEMBER - MARCH: Still some surf but not as consistent and smaller swells in general, best for beginners.


SIX SENSES LAAMU - Best for the ultimate barefoot luxury and isolation from the crowds, there are no other resorts in this area so spots are generally empty.

FOUR SEASONS KUDA HURAA - Best for easy access, world class service and facilities and near the most famous spots north of Malé.

ANANTARA DHIGU - Best for families looking for variety of services, gastronomy and activities.

ANANTARA VELI - Best for honeymooners and couples looking for an adults-only experience.

NALADHU PRIVATE ISLAND - Best for a private Villa experience with access to larger resort amenities and facilities.



Laamu Ying Yang ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ R SE-SW W All
Laamu Jetty C ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L S-SE NE All
Laamu Petrols ★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L S-SE NE All
Laamu Machines ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R S-SE SW All
South-Male Riptides ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R SE W-SW All
South-Male Natives/Foxys/Kandooma ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ R SE W-SW All
South-Male Quarters ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★ L SE SW All
South-Male Twin Peaks ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L SE NE All
South-Male Gurus ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L SE NE All
North-Male Jailbreaks ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ R SE-S SW All
North-Male Honky's ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L SE-S NW All
North-Male Sultans ★★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ R E-S NW All
North-Male Pasta Point ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ L E-S SW All
North-Male Ninjas ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★ R SE-S SW All
North-Male Lohi's ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ L SE-E NE All
North-Male Cokes ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R SE-S SW All
North-Male Chickens ★★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★ L SE-E NW All
North-Male Tombstones ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★ L S-SE NW All

GUIDES: Each Resort has their own guides, but we can fly any of our global guides (costs apply) if desired.