“Floripa” as it is kindly called by locals, offers 42 different beaches, over half of them with great consistent waves year-round, it’s not a surprise that many of Brazil’s top professional surfers either grew up here or chose to call the island “home”, but the local surfers in general are very talented and committed to what they do, polite in the water but serious about it to, no matter the conditions, there is always people surfing in Floripa.

Joaquina and Campeche are the most famous breaks and boast real quality waves but there are in-numerous spots with similar or even better waves around the island or just a short drive away (it is linked to the mainland by a bridge).

Apart from surfing, Floripa is probably more well known for it’s young and vibrant lifestyle and party scene, the astonishing amount of top models it produces and the even more impressive nature of the island, with mountains covered in vegetation, lakes, sand dunes, mangroves and a harmless and diverse wildlife that make it unique.

Strategically located within a short fly from Rio, São Paulo, Iguaçu Falls and Buenos Aires. It is known for boasting Brazil’s best quality of life levels for decades, being a tech hub and one of the best cities for entrepreneurship.

In parallel to all this social development, a whole different life coexists in the shape of the traditions of the first Azorean settlers and the fishermen they became. Their slang and accent are unlike anything else and varies from funny to unintelligible, even Floripa’s #1 hero, former tennis player Gustavo “Guga” Kuerten sounds like that and couldn’t be prouder.

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