Fernando de Noronha

Just over an hour by air from Natal, Fernando de Noronha is widely regarded as the “Brazilian Hawaii”. During the season (November to April) it eventually does hold XL swells but the average day in Noronha will be filled with powerful head-high to double overhead blue barrels breaking over both sandy beach and reef breaks. 

A Former prison on the middle of the Atlantic, Fernando de Noronha is currently an environmentally preserved area and home to “the world’s best beach” according to TripAdvisor (Baía do Sancho). Here, 2 islands form a marine park that draws divers from far and wide to see green and hawksbill turtles, whales, lemon and reef sharks, clownfish, anemones and parrotfish. Hiking around the island is also a very popular activity, which, as everything else in the island, must end at the small town of Conceição for a sunset worshiping that gathers travelers and locals alike for drinks, food and music all night.

The Surf

Pousada Maravilha