Fun Waves, Beautiful Beaches & the Most Passionate People

Brazil is proudly a country of superlatives: the world’s 8th largest economy, 5th largest country by population (~210M) and geographical area (3.3M square miles), 21 Unesco World Heritage Sites, four million plant and animal species (making it one of the world’s most biodiverse countries), record 5x FIFA World Cup champion and often cited as “the world’s farm” due to its massive agricultural industry. Yes, there’s a lot to do, see and learn.

Brazil is also a cultural melting pot, with it’s population descending from all over the world, including the native Indians, the Portuguese and many different African cultures, but with a significant contribution from Germany, Italy, Japan and many other cultures. Brazilians are very Latin by nature, speak loudly with a huge smile on their face, gesticulate emphatically and love hosting foreigners as the country still has a dismal inbound market with only around 5M tourists a year, English speaking is not widely available, but Brazilians will do their best to understand and be understood: don’t worry, they’re not arguing, just trying to communicate...

Surfing is a huge sport, with 4,655 miles (7.491 km) of coastline, and a very skilled surfing population, with several world champions on short boards, longboard, body-board, big-wave and so on. The coast boasts thousands of different waves, mostly beach breaks, with a few excellent point breaks, slabs and reefs, with year-round waves in most destinations, great weather and a lot of interesting stuff to do between sessions, always framed by beautiful mountains covered in rainforest.

This is not a world-class wave quality destination, but it’s consistent, offers waves for every level and a lot of other attractions besides surfing.


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GRU - Guarulhos International Airport (São Paulo)

GIG - Galeão International Airport (Rio de Janeiro)


Brazil is a big country so seasons may vary from region to region, but rule of thumb, you’re not coming for the quality of the surf - which is great, but you can find better elsewhere - so you wanna be here either in the southern hemisphere’s summer, from December to February (very hot, flat and +200 million people rubbing elbows on the beach, but great nightlife and vibe overall) or, even better, during Fall, from March to May, when surf is at it’s best, offshore winds are more common, temperatures are still great and school holidays are over.



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