The Island of Gods

Bali boasts a rich and diverse culture that is quite peculiar, the first thing you’ll notice upon arrival is the architecture, influenced by the island’s thousands of Hindu temples. It was in the 60’s and 70s that a flock of hippies went on to explore this beautiful island, and the discovery of waves beyond Kuta became famous with the movie “Morning of the Earth” from 1972 featuring beautiful Uluwatu conditions on the single fin, pre leg rope era. Despite its frantic growth over the years, the island still retains its purification rituals by priests in white as well as the gracious use of natural materials like bamboo and coconut wood for architectural work and many other purposes.

Bali is the perfect start of an Indonesian trip and further exploration into the Mentawai, Telo and Sumba. A few days in Bali before heading anywhere else will better prepare you for what’s to come, from curing your jet lag to getting used to surfing reefs again, and stocking any last minute gear and supplies.


DPS - Ngurah Rai International (Bali)

International Direct Flights from: Singapore (SIN), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), Manila (MNL), Bangkok (BKK & DMK), Sydney (SYD), Perth (PER), Melbourne (MEL), Adelaide (ADL), Brisbane (BNE), Taipei (TPE), Seoul (ICN), Hong Kong (HKG), Tokyo (NRT), Osaka (KIX), Dubai (DXB), Bandar Seri Begawan (BWN), Doha (DOH), Guangzhou (CAN), Beijing (PEK), (CTU), Shanghai (PVG), Shenzhen (SZX)


DRY SEASON: April - October, is better for surf in the bukit area (Uluwatu, Padang Padang, etc) and Canggu.

WET SEASON: November - March, is better for the East Coast (Keramas, Sanur, Nusa Dua, etc).


ALILA VILLAS ULUWATU - Best for design lovers and ultimate luxury, right next to the best surf in Bali.

ALILA SEMINYAK - Best for being close to the best beach breaks, shops, restaurants and clubs.

ALILA UBUD - Best for exploring the lush green mountain side of Bali, its culture and local artists.

ALILA MANGGIS - Best for a secluded getaway, diving and visiting Mount Agung. Perfect for day trips to Nusa Lembongan.

ANANTARA ULUWATU - Best for being right in from of Bingin, Impossibles, Padang and Uluwatu.



Bukit Green Bowl ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ R S - W NW Mid
Bukit Uluwatu ★★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ L S - W SE All
Bukit Padang-Padang ★★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★ L S - W SE Mid-High
Bukit Impossibles ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L S - W SE All
Bukit Bingin ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L S - W SE Mid
Bukit Dreamland ★★ Sand/Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R/L S - W SE Low-Mid
Bukit Balangan ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L S - W SE All
Jimbaran Airport Rights ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R S - W SE High
Kuta Airport Lefts ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L S - W E All
Kuta Kuta Reef ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ L S - W SE High
Kuta Kuta Beach ★★ Sand Apr-Oct ★★★★ R/L S - W E Mid-High
Kuta Padma ★★★ Sand Apr-Oct ★★★★ R/L S - W E-ENE Mid-High
West Coast Old Man's ★★ Sand/Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R/L S - W NE All
West Coast Canggu ★★★ Sand/Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R/L S - W NE Mid
West Coast Balian ★★★★ Sand/Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ R/L S - W NE All
West Coast Medewi ★★★ Boulder Point Apr-Oct ★★★★ L S - W NE Mid-High
East Coast Nusa Dua ★★★ Reef Nov-Mar ★★★★★ R S - W NW All
East Coast Tanjung Sari ★★ Reef Nov-Mar ★★★ R S - W NW All
East Coast Serangan ★★ Reef Nov-Mar ★★★★ R/L S - W NW All
East Coast Sri Lanka ★★★ Reef Nov-Mar ★★ A Frame S - SW SW Low-Mid
East Coast Sanur ★★★★★ Reef Nov-Mar ★★★ R S - W W Mid-High
East Coast Ketewel ★★ Reef Nov-Mar ★★ R S NNW Mid-High
East Coast Keramas ★★★★★ Reef Nov-Mar ★★★★ R S - W W-NW Mid-High
East Coast Padangbai ★★★★ Reef Nov-Mar R S W Mid
Nusa Lembongan Shipwrecks ★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R S - W E Mid-High
Nusa Lembongan Lacerations ★★★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★ R S - W E Mid-High
Nusa Lembongan Playgrounds ★★★ Reef Apr-Oct ★★★★★ R S - W E All



Mega Semadhi

Mega is most well-known for being a 2X Champion of the coveted Rip Curl Padang-Padang Cup Invitational, but his list of contest accomplishments is long. He is a fan of thick left barrels and his favorite places are the Bukit, Mentawai, Super Sucks and Pipeline in Hawaii.

But unlike any other surfer, Mega is the reincarnated soul of a Balinese Hindu high priest, and it is his destiny to one day become the High Priest of Uluwatu, the most important sea temple on the entire south coast of Bali. As a future leader and keeper of Bali’s religious traditions, he will ultimately be responsible for performing ancient ceremonies and preserving the traditions of the Uluwatu community that have existed for centuries.


Marlon Gerber


Born and raised in Bali, Marlon is half Indonesian & Swiss, loves right hand barrels and big punts.

Marlon is a natural globetrotter, having travelled the world over surfing, competing (he is the 2011 Indonesian surfing champion and 2018 Swiss Champion) and doing photo shoots. But his heart is in Bali, and the friendships he developed through the years made him one of the “go-to guys” in Bali for international pro’s visiting the island of gods. His knowledge of the island is second to none and if there’s uncrowded surf somewhere, he is the guy who knows when & where.


Taina Angel Izquierdo

Born and raised in Bali, Taina is half Indonesian & Puerto Rican, loves Oreos and the lefts of Uluwatu, her training ground.

At 17 years old, she is a young up-and-coming star at the women’s world surf scene: champion of the "Rip Curl national final" and "Drop the Anchor" at Padma, also 2nd place at Rote & Taiwan ASC, Taj Small Fries & Parko Grom Stomp (both in Australia) and 3rd place at QS1000 Simuelue and Yoyo's.

She was also recently representing Indonesia on the ISA World Games in Japan.


Dedi Santosa


Dedi is the typical balinese: always laughing, always happy. His surfing translates that state of mind perfectly and his beloved Keramas and Uluwatu are perfect for expressing that joy for life and surfing. Chances are, if Dedi is in the water, you’ll spot him flying over the lip or getting pitted from behind the peak.

That has lead him to a great professional career, including recently being the champion of the JPSA friendship battle contest in Keramas in 2017 and 2018, champion of the Medewi Boardriders in 2017 and 3rd in 2018.

Darma Yasa Bleronk.jpeg

Darma Yasa Bleronk


Bleronk is a Balinese professional surfer who loves Padang-Padang, Keramas and Padma.

He was Thailand’s surfing champion in 2018, Sabah surfing champion 2017 in Malaysia, champion of the Kuta Beach Festival in 2018 and Padma Boys surfing champion 2018.

Bleronk is also Tonjo’s twin brother.


Darma Putra Tonjo


Tonjo is very well-rounded, from big lefts in Uluwatu to deep pits in Keramas and big hacks at Padma, he has the whole arsenal dialed.

He was the champion of the 2018 Night Air Show at Halfway, 3rd place at JPSA, in 2017 he was the Simelue Pro champion and also beat WSL 2016 World Champion Adriano de Souza on round 4 at the Komune Bali Pro by Mad Hueys. He was also the Indonesian Junior Champion in 2011.

Tonjo is also Bleronk’s twin brother.